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"My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and was given 6 months to live. My dad has a good job and insurance but the medicine, oxygen, and hospice nurses were overwhelming. My dad struggles daily; working, taking care of mom, cleaning, doing laundry, and cooking. I have been helping as much as I can, but not as much as I want. When I heard about this program, I applied and received my loan and gave it all to my dad. It paid for oxygen and a down payment on my mom's funeral. To finish the payments on the funeral and to pay my dad's mortgage, I used WCUSA again. Thank you WorkersChoice for making my dad and my life a little bit easier..”

Chandler // VA Beach, VA

"I am a single mother with two children and I don't receive any child support. I am very lucky to have a great job; however between daycare, rent, utilities and living expenses, money is often tight. Last year, after just paying off my car, it broke down. The quote from the mechanic was just under $1000. Because of WCUSA I was not only able to get my car fixed, but it also allowed me to get a rental car for two weeks while repairs were made. It was more affordable than any other option like a payday or title loan. Thank you so much WCUSA!"

Dana // Martinsville, VA

"I borrowed money from WCUSA because my electricity was getting cut off and I could not have my children in the dark. WorkersChoiceUSA put the money right into my account the next day and I paid the electric bill. I thank WorkersChoiceUSA for having such a good program to help others in need. Once again, thank you for this program, it is greatly appreciated.”

Lisa // Norfolk, VA

“I have been telling my story for weeks now, and singing your praises. A few months ago, my brother passed away suddenly and it was a tragic time for our entire family. We all live paycheck to paycheck and he didn't have insurance so I didn't think twice when I emptied all of my accounts. After the funeral, I came home broke but very satisfied. Two weeks later my grandmother, who raised me and now lived with me, passed. I had no money to bury this beautiful woman that had given me the best life that she could. I had no idea what I was going to do. That day someone from WCUSA came to our job and saved my life. (I thought I was dreaming) They created a way to help me respectfully put my grandma away, without losing my home. Thank you so much.”

Gloria // VA Beach, VA

“WCUSA has helped me so much. I have had to borrow a few times, and the process is so easy and simple. My husband has been unemployed since the beginning of 2010 and this past year has been hard. My home is in the process of being foreclosed on and we have had to come up with money to move out. I found a more affordable house but, I needed to borrowed money for a deposit and the first month's rent. I am so lucky to have an awesome employer with this program from WorkersChoice. Best of all, it was simple and confidential.”

Kim // VA Beach, VA

“WCUSA recognized that in a global financial crisis, there is nothing more valuable to any company than its employees. WCUSA also acknowledged that issuing credit during an economic crisis cannot be more deserving than to those that are employed. My employer added WCUSA to our benefits package and I could not be more thankful. WCUSA was the only lender to approve me when I had an urgent need. I woke up at 2 am one morning to an excruciating toothache. I found it was caused by rapidly growing wisdom teeth so I needed $934.00 and rent was due in 8 days. The dentist would not give me any credit or even a payment plan. I tried several other lenders but they all denied me. I thought, "What am I going to do?!" I talked to a co-worker who reminded me of WCUSA. I logged onto their website and it was as simple as one-two-three! The funds were in my account the next morning. My toothache is gone and I am very grateful that my employer offers such a great benefit.”

Ronald // Norfolk, VA

“I borrowed funds from WCUSA around Christmas to help out with gifts for my 3 kids, and when I had almost paid it all back my vehicle needed repairs. I am very grateful to know that I have WCUSA to assist me in times like this.”

Caravello // Norfolk, VA

WCUSA helped by giving me a loan at a fair interest rate. The money first helped me pay some bills that were overdue, and the loan rate was lower than the late charges and penalties! I used the rest of the loan to help my daughters Erika and Jamie. They live in Richmond, VA. Erika graduated from VCU last December, and Jamie graduates in May 2011, with honors! They both moved into an apartment. I went up to Richmond to help them clean their old house and move into their new places. While I was there I bought them food and a few house warming items, they really appreciated it and I felt like a great mom.

Denette // Portsmouth, VA

I received an eviction notice and I called the rental office. They told me that I had two days to vacate and that the sheriff would be by with paperwork later today. I knew I was late but I felt that I could catch up on rent with my next two pay checks. They told me that would not be enough to hold my apartment. I had used WCUSA once before and I hoped I could get another loan. I went to to ask for another loan. Unfortunately, I forgot my login information. Thankfully a Workers Choice representative responded within the hour. She helped me get the short term loan I needed. I prayed for a miracle and Workers Choice was it. I called the rental office and they told me they would work with me. Workers Choice you are my Hero!

Cynthia // Norfolk, VA

I have taken several payday loans from WCUSA however; my first one was the most important. My daughter hurt her foot and I had to take her to a specialist and get an MRI. Thanks to WCUSA I was able to get my advance quickly and use that money for the doctors and her prescriptions. I love the fact that it is taken right out of my check and they are so user friendly. Thank you WCUSA for everything you do!

Michelle // Dade, FL

WCUSA has been a complete LIFE SAVER! I am going through a divorce and my soon-to-be ex-husband kicked me out of our house. I had just finished paying a lot of bills and payday could not come soon enough. Thank God I have a good job but I praise God we have WorkersChoice. It is easy to pay back and much better than the high interest "Cash Till Payday" loans. Thank you Workers Choice for being there in my time of need and every time I need a helping hand. Trying to keep a roof over my 2 kids and my head is a true struggle but you have eased my pain a few times.

Keisha // Norfolk, VA

Several years ago one of my two and a half year old twin grandsons died. My daughter didn't have the money for a funeral. At the time, the only choice we had was to use my dad's grave site. Dad died 3 years ago and we had to move my grandson to his own plot. I got a loan so we could put my dad to rest. For the last two years I have tried to pay off the loan I took out. With WCUSA I could borrow the funds I needed to pay off that loan and I am now the proud holder of my grandson's plot. Thanks to WCUSA my family can rest in peace.

Susan // Newport News, VA

I used the WCUSA Loan to FINALLY start college. I have been working and trying to save money to pay for classes and books but there was always a bill that needed to be paid. Thanks to WCUSA I was able to get a loan and begin my classes. I am majoring in Business Management and will continue until I receive my MBA and start my own business. I can't thank you enough!

Walter // Chesapeake, VA

I used WCUSA's loan program to help me get out of a terrible situation. A friend of mine was getting divorced and moved into an apartment. My lease was up and she asked if I wanted to move in, so I did. Her husband started accusing me of getting in the middle of their marriage. He started tracking where I went, taking my picture, and watching the apartment. One day he came over and assaulted me. I was so scared I moved out and for a week I lived out of my car. Because of WCUSA I was able to get a loan to move into my new place. I now feel much safer. Thank you WCUSA.

Kiara // Norfolk, VA

I have been a fan of this convenient, easy to manage loan from WCUSA since August of 2009 when I needed money for a security deposit. I was living with my mom and my room was not big enough for me and my 13 month old daughter. As a single parent it is difficult to have money sitting in a Savings Account. WCUSA not only helped me that day, but has continued to help with unexpected expenses. So thank you WCUSA for giving me the opportunity for my daughter and I to be on our OWN!

Patience // Norfolk, VA

WCUSA really helped me in a bad time. I lost both parents within three months last year. I had to get my life back on track and pay off some of my mom's debt. It really hurt me emotionally and financially. When I found out about WCUSA, I thought this could be my chance to get ahead of some of these bills. Thank you WCUSA, because some of us really need you.

Mary // Norfolk, VA

A few years ago our family Pet of 7 years, Rusty, was diagnosed with a tumor. We didn't have enough in our savings to give her the surgery required. The veterinarian told us that if we couldn't afford the operation then we should look into putting her down. Thanks to WCUSA's program we were able to get a loan and have her tumor removed. Two years later, she is healthy and still with us.

Robert // Portsmouth, VA

Several months ago, I had an incident with my car that used all the money I had set aside to pay bills. I wasn't sure how I would pay my upcoming bills, but luckily WCUSA came along as a new program with our company. I can't thank my employer or WCUSA enough. I work 3 jobs and knowing I can rely on WCUSA to help me out, means more to me than I can explain. I have used their program again because I have several bills I am trying to pay off quickly and now I can. Thank you so much for being there.

Lynda // Virginia Beach, VA

Where should I start? First by saying thank you to my company for adding such a benefit program. When I first heard of WCUSA I thought it was a payday loan and was not interested. I was transitioning from a dedicated military wife to a single mom of three. I moved into my own place and started fresh. My checking account had a negative balance and I was short on the rent, which was due in three days. The very next day an email was sent to each department explaining the benefits of WCUSA and how it worked. I truly believed that it was GOD sent. I picked up a brochure from HR and thought the process was going to be long and drawn out. It was just the opposite, quick and easy. The entire process has been a blessing to me and my family.

Chandra // Virginia Beach, VA

I was in a serious bind and had many obligations that needed to be met. I had no other alternatives to get any funds and all of a sudden we received an email from our human resources department about WCUSA. I called and spoke to one of the many helpful members of WCUSA and was able to receive funds in a matter of hours. WCUSA's service is very impressive, confidential, and professional.

Sherry // Norfolk, VA

Last December the transmission went out in my primary vehicle. It cost $950 to repair. My husband is self-employed, so we rely primarly on my income. This was during the Christmas season and money was already tight. If I had not been able to borrow funds from my paycheck, my vehicle still would not be fixed. Thanks, WCUSA!

Charlotte // Virginia Beach, VA

I am in the process of purchasing my first home and need the money to make a couple of repairs. They don't tell you about needing money for things like the deed to the house and closing costs. I feel like this is going to be the first loan of many taken out. Thank you WorkersChoiceUSA for having such a great product and option for me. I'm glad to be an employee for a company that offers this service.

Erica // Virginia Beach, VA

Workers Choice really helped me in my time of need. My sister, who is in law school, really needed some extra cash to buy her books. I didn't have the money readily available to give her. It just so happened that I received a brochure with my paycheck the week before about Workers Choice so I decided to give them a call. The process was fast and easy and I was able to help my sister without a problem. I will be forever grateful. I will continue to use Workers Choice anytime I need a little extra cash.

Martina // Virginia Beach, VA

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