More than Financial Wellness.
FinFit is Financial Fitness.

FinFit Delivers More Than Education. It Provides The Tools Needed To Change Your Financial Life and to Help Manage Unexpected Challenges With an Innovative Short-Term Loan1 Option.

Why FinFit?

There has never been a solution that married Financial Wellness education with the Tools to practice good financial habits and a resource to solve short-term expenses responsibly. We believe it’s the responsible thing to do – provide both the education and the resources to help people achieve Financial Fitness.



FinFit provides a private self-assessment that helps you determine your level of Financial Fitness. In about five minutes, you’ll learn what you need to learn and practice in order to live your best financial life.

Financial Wellness
Financial Education


Getting smart doesn’t have to be boring. Ready University provides short, fun-filled lessons on topics for all levels of financial fitness training. Best of all, it includes lesson plans for the whole family. And it’s free2 thanks to your employer.


Our unique budget platform provides a total view of your financial fitness. You can keep track of bank accounts, 401(k), mortgage, HSA/FSA and more. This makes it simple to master your short-term spending and see how it impacts your long-term goals. Improve your spending habits and plan wisely with your complete financial picture available in real time. You can also set budget alerts and schedule payments.

budget platform
FinFit loans provide an innovative short term solution


FinFit loans provide an innovative short-term solution for financial challenges where your job is your credit1.

FinFit empowers you to live your best life by giving you the tools to master your personal Financial Fitness.

1- Subject to credit approval, although no credit check is required, employee must meet eligibility requirements.

2- FinFit’s Financial Wellness Program, which includes educational content, a financial assessment and a financial dashbard, are free to registered members. Loans and other ancillary services offered may incur fees and/or interest. All fees will be disclosed prior to entering into any agreements.