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What if financial flexibility were feasible for everyone, all the time? What if unexpected life expenses were no big deal, because you could expect to have a funding safety net? At FinFit, that’s our vision. And, when you enroll in WageNow, you’ll share the vision while enjoying access to the wages you’ve earned when you need them most – even if that day isn’t payday.

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It’s simple: choose when you get paid, and better manage your cash flow. With WageNow you’ll be on the fast track to financial wellness in no time, avoiding costly overdraft fees and late bill payments, all at no cost to you.

Control which day is payday.

WageNow offers you:
  • An affordable alternative to high-interest loans and lines of credit
  • Help avoiding late bill payments and essential service interruptions
  • Help eliminating expensive overdraft fees
  • Relief from financial stress

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