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Improve Performance, Drive Revenue, Boost Morale and Retain More Employees.


For Employees

Achieve Financial Wellbeing On Your Schedule, Wherever You Want and Gain Access To Short-Term Loan* Assistance.


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Simplified Money Management for Employees

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THIS IS A BENEFIT EMPLOYEES ARE ASKING FOR - improve financial wellness, retain good employees and recruit top talent!


Employers Get a No-Risk Solution to Improve Employee Performance and Job Satisfaction

INCREASE productivity & focus

40%  Improved Productivity

DECREASE absenteeism

23%  Helped reduce employee absenteeism

REDUCE employee 401(k) borrowing and payday advance requests

36%  Helped alleviate employee's financial stress

KEEP valuable employees longer

43%  Increased employee engagement/morale

-2014 Financial Survey Commissioned by FinFit

Are your employees really present?


A Voluntary Employee Benefit That Helps Employers Achieve More by Helping Employees Achieve Financial Fitness

Delivered via a 24/7 online platform, FinFit delivers financial wellness to your employees when and where they want it. Unlike education-only methods, FinFit provides a short-term loan* solution that provides a responsible solution for employees so they can worry less about finances and focus more on their job. All provided at No Risk to you.**


Experience the Satisfaction and Freedom of Achieving Financial Fitness

DISCOVER what you need to know to achieve financial wellness

MASTER the skills you need with FinFit's interactive Ready University™

RELAX when life unexpectedly happens, FinFit provides short-term loans*

FinFit – A Voluntary Benefit provided by your employer designed to help you live better.

- 2017 Financial Survey Commissioned by FinFit.

*Subject to credit approval; although no credit check is required, employee must meet eligibility requirements.

**The FinFit platform is entirely self-contained. No consultants will call your employees or require time and resources from your company to deliver the service. FinFit Loans are provided at no risk to business partners and employers. Should an employee fail to pay a loan, there is no liability to the business partner or the employer.

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