• Feb 15
  • 2 min

Should employers care when their workers are in financial distress?1

What happens when an employee has no resources to draw from during a financial crisis?

While this may seem like a personal employee issue, it is actually one with broad implications on employers.

So, back to our question. What happens when an employee doesn’t have an emergency savings? In one such case, out of desperation, the employee stole from their employer. This very real scenario resulted in the formation of FinFit’s financial wellness solution. David Kilby, president of FinFit, knew there must be a better way to support employees.

Kilby, answers the question, “Should employers care when their workers are in financial distress?”, during a recent Data Drivers podcast with podcast host and CEO of PYMNTS, Karen Webster.

Listen to the podcast or read the full article here.

1 DATA DRIVERS - The $300B Employee Financial Stress Tax On Employers

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