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Building Workplace Communities Around Wellness

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In the modern business world, the importance of wellness and the focus on building a strong community within the workplace is gaining momentum. This comes as no surprise considering the shift towards remote work and flexible schedules, which while advantageous, can potentially threaten the social fabric of organizations. In fact, the US Surgeon General recently reported that over 50% of Americans have experienced loneliness, with remote workplaces possibly contributing to this isolation.

So, how can organizations adapt and ensure they foster a sense of belonging and community in the changing work environment? This is the core question tackled in the latest episode of SECURE presented by FinFit.

Hosted by Charles Lattimer, Chief Health & Wellness Officer at FinFit, this episode features a fascinating conversation with Lisa Conn, Co-Founder & CEO of Gatheround. Their discussion orbits around the ways in which businesses can build workplace communities centered around wellness.

Key Conversation Points:

  1. The importance of community-building in all facets of life, from local communities to large businesses.
  2. The historical decline of community and its impact on society, particularly in relation to work.
  3. The potential of remote and flexible work environments to contribute to loneliness, and how organizations can combat this by creating a sense of belonging.

Lisa Conn is the Co-Founder & CEO of Gatheround, a company dedicated to fostering a sense of community within the workplace. With a background in political organizing, Lisa has worked at the MIT Media Lab and Facebook before launching Gatheround. Her unique approach to community building, informed by her studies of social movements and her grandmother’s activism, has put her at the forefront of discussions on workplace wellness.