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COVID-19 Google Business Listing Updates

Written by FinFit on .
COVID-19 Google Business Listing Updates

Is Your Google Business Listing Current?

If you have experienced changes to your business operations as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, take a few moments to ensure your business is appropriately represented in Google search. Your customers will appreciate the update and you’ll be able to better service them by providing accurate information. 

Some business information you should consider:

  • Have you adjusted your business hours? 
  • Has your phone number changed due to a new remote-work scenario? 
  • Have you updated your website or company description? 
  • Have you added or changed the services you offer? 

Here is how you can update your business information:

  1. Log in to Google My Business and select your business page. If you have yet to create a Google business listing, you can add or claim your business listing
  2. Select Info from the menu on the left.
  3. Enter the updated information in the section you want to change. A few notes from Google regarding the updates:
    • Removing information from our active servers could take up to 60 days. It also may stay in their backup systems longer.
    • You can’t remove information that’s also publicly available or comes from other sources.
    • You can’t edit editorial summaries or keywords from the web that appear next to your business.
  4. When you’ve finished editing the sections, click Done.

Once your business listing is current, you can create posts to update your customers (and Google) with timely business details. Posts can generate more engagement for your business listing. Learn more about creating posts here

Now, you may be wondering why it’s so important to have a current Google business listing or even have one at all. It starts with understanding the benefit of having a Google business listing. 

Anytime you search for a business that has a Google My Business listing, the listing is one of the top search results. The listing is complete with reviews, a link to the website, company photos, the company’s address, phone number, and hours. Plus, each company can add posts to keep their customers and prospects up-to-date on whatever is going on with the company. During critical business times like this, it’s important that you are keeping in contact with customers letting them know of your updated hours and operations. 

Google prioritizes those businesses that have business listings, moving them higher in search results which, in turn, gets more eyes – and clicks – on their website. Keeping your profile updated shows Google that it is an active business account.