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Loans, Credit Solutions and Emergency Funding

We think universal access to opportunity is essential – the opportunity to borrow money, pay down debt, build credit, and seek liquidity when it’s needed most. That’s why, here at FinFit, opportunity is what we do. Our financial products are purpose-built for all people: providing solutions that are flexible and easily accessible.

We can help more people to access credit because we look at employment history, not just credit history. This proprietary approach allows us to help more of your workforce find financial relief, faster – which can lead to higher rates of employee engagement and retention, fewer callouts, less payroll advances, and more productivity. Plus, with no set-up fees or separate benefit administration, implementation is a breeze.

Let us show you how.

Your employees need funding flexibility.

Nearly half of Americans don’t have $400 to manage an emergency expense1. Now, you can ensure your workforce has access to affordable funding options at no cost to them, and no administration for you.

Security matters most.

FinFit upholds the highest security standards, including multiple layers of encryption for sensitive personal information, automated secret rotation, and SOC 2 Type II certification — providing trust and security at scale.

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