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Celebrating Two Decades of Financial Health Innovation at EMERGE 2024 

We are thrilled to share our experience at Financial Health Network‘s EMERGE, an inspiring gathering that unites innovators across industries to learn, collaborate, and improve the future of financial health. They celebrated 20 years of transformative work, with this event highlighting the incredible strides made in promoting financial wellbeing for all. 

EMERGE showcased industry leaders who are making real progress in expanding access to credit, simplifying savings, and breaking down systemic barriers that have long hindered historically marginalized groups. We were particularly excited by the innovative approaches being introduced, aimed at making financial services more inclusive and effective. 

However, the event also underscored that this work is far from complete. One of the most significant challenges faced is scaling solutions to meet people where they are. For example, workplace financial benefits need to be presented and communicated in a way that is both convenient and understandable, especially for those who stand to benefit the most. It’s crucial that these benefits are accessible and straightforward, enabling employees to fully utilize the support available to them. 

Another critical area of focus is collaboration among organizations working in financial health to push policy forward. Issues like the intersection of retirement and emergency savings, and tackling the behemoth of student loan debt, require coordinated efforts to drive meaningful policy changes.  

A highlight for FinFit was participating in their FinX event, which allowed us to “walk a mile” in our customers’ shoes. This immersive experience made the obstacles and everyday challenges faced by those living paycheck to paycheck very real to all participants. It was a stark reminder of why our work is so critical and reinforced our commitment to developing solutions that truly make a difference. 

We extend our deepest thanks to Financial Health Network for hosting another successful EMERGE event and for their unwavering dedication over the past two decades. Together, we are making a profound impact, and FinFit is immensely proud to be a member of this network.