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Loans, Credit Solutions, and Emergency Funding

We think good people deserve access to great opportunities – the opportunity to pay down debt, build credit, and seek liquidity when it’s needed most. That’s why, here at FinFit, opportunity is what we do. We built a suite of financial products just for you, products that are flexible and easily accessible

Our credit solutions are generally more affordable than other short-term credit products such as payday loans and you can explore your options with zero impact to your credit. Over time, our solutions can work to improve your credit score, move you out of debt, and save you hundreds or more in interest fees. Together, we can reduce the need for payday advances and high-cost credit, and get you on the path to forever financial freedom.

Come on, let’s build you a better tomorrow.

Here’s how…

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We get it, you need funding flexibility.

Nearly half of Americans don’t have $400 to manage an emergency expense1. With FinFit by your side, you’ve got access to affordable emergency funding at no cost to you, so there’s no need for payday loans, or high-interest lines of credit.

You’re safe with us.

FinFit upholds the highest security standards, including multiple layers of encryption for sensitive personal information, automated secret rotation, and SOC 2 Type II certification — providing trust and security at scale. You can trust that your personal data and identifiable information is safe with us.

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