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Financial Wellness + Solutions

Financial stress is the hidden expense in every company

Cost of Stress
46% Employees who spend an avg of 2-3 work day hours/week on personal finances

FinFit Provides the Solution

comprehensive financial wellness employee benefit
FinFit is a comprehensive Financial Wellness employee benefit that offers a variety of tools and education to assist employees in meeting their financial goals.
emergency short term loans
When employees experience substantial challenges, FinFit also provides emergency short-term loans* available to employees.

FinFit at a Glance

financial education to reduce employee financial stress
  • Financial education, tools and credit resources at employees' fingertips.
  • Helps employees take control and better manage their finances.
  • Generally much lower cost than other short-term loan solutions.
  • Reduces employee financial stress and improves job performance.

Why FinFit?

  • Industry leaders have given thousands of employees financial peace of mind and improved employer's bottom line.
  • By providing financial education and resources, as well as emergency short-term loans*, we help your employees navigate financial challenges, and be better equipped to handle their personal finances without bringing those challenges and stress into the workplace. This matters to your business!
Financial Survey commissioned by FinFit

*Subject to credit approval; although no credit check is required, employee must meet eligibility requirements.