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Authorization for use of feedback

FinFit members will provide feedback on the benefits of the FinFit loan product, offered as a voluntary employee benefit through their employer. There will be no monetary compensation for participation.

Thank you for your participation in providing feedback for FinFit to use in its marketing materials. The final content will be used in FinFit-branded digital marketing materials and/or websites hosted online by FinFit. This Authorization provides FinFit the right to use, in part or in whole, your feedback on your experience with FinFit in all media and markets. These markets include but are not limited to: FinFint Website, Email, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.

By clicking “I accept” on the previous webpage, you authorize FinFit to use your feedback and its content in part or in whole as described above. You also acknowledge and agree that this feedback is provided by you on a strictly voluntary basis. It is not required by your employer or its affiliates, and there will be no financial or other remuneration for your feedback or use of any part of it. You understand that your participation is not a term of employment nor will it affect the terms or conditions of any loan you may have with FinFit.