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Personalized Financial Assessment

We believe empowered employees make better financial decisions. And, with FinFit’s Financial Assessment model, all employees can be empowered employees, with personalized, data-driven action plans, tools, and resources tailored to each one of their unique situations based on information obtained through regular financial queries. Here, we can diagnose an employee’s current financial state, then deliver a one-of-a-kind experience within the FinFit platform designed to move that employee further down the path toward financial freedom.

It’s simple: when they know better, they’ll do better.

Our personalized assessment and planning tools recognize the unique spending, saving, and borrowing habits of each user.

Employees can get:

  • A personalized financial wellness score
  • Access to an easy-to-understand visual budget
  • Benchmarks to see where they stack up in comparison to their peers
  • An actionable financial plan with personalized tools and resources
  • Access to a highly interactive platform offering relevant feedback in real-time

Knowledge is powerful.