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Salary Finance is now FinFit!

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Never had an account with Salary Finance? No worries!

Salary Finance has joined Finfit, one of the nation’s top financial wellness employee benefits providers, to provide you with even more support on your financial wellness journey. In addition to payroll-deducted employee loans, you will now have access to free financial coaching, budgeting tools, and more! (FinFit is still offered through your employer as an employee benefit, just like Salary Finance was.)

How will I access my FinFit membership?

Your account will be accessible on the FinFit platform. You’ll sign in using your existing Salary Finance username and password.

What will happen to my current Salary Finance loan?

This change will not affect your existing loan agreement, account number, payment schedule, or contact information. You will continue to receive the same high-quality service and support from our team. You can find your loan details in the FinFit portal under Loan History in the main menu.

Your FinFit membership will give you access to:

Flexible credit solutions: Loans and credit that can be used to consolidate debt or cover expenses

Financial dashboard & insights: Establish a budget, connect your accounts & receive alerts to keep you on track

Personalized financial assessment: Identify your goals and discover your path to financial freedom

Financial coaching: One-on-one advice from your own certified financial counselor

Educational tools and resources: From beginners to savvy investors, we’ll guide you every step of the way

Student loan services: Simplify the repayment of your student loans

Budget calculators: Easy-to-use calculators to help you plan for potential life events