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FinFit releases new podcast on employee financial wellness: “SECURE”

Written by FinFit on March 21, 2023.
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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va., March 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The financial needs of the American workforce at-large are going unmet. And, for the first time in history, the issue reaches across racial lines and socioeconomic status, with ripple effects causing organizational crisis in companies across the country, large and small.

In a new podcast series, FinFit explores the drivers of this multi-faceted issue, offering up practical solutions employers can implement to help insulate their businesses and have a positive impact on their recruitment, retention, and employee engagement efforts, all while pulling listeners into the conversation in a compelling, yet laid-back, informal, and inviting style.

In the first episode, Building a Financially Resilient Workforce in 2023 and Beyond, experts in the financial wellness field discuss day-to-day liquidity, emergency savings, building inter-generational wealth, and the unexpected reasons why these factors are so profound in the journey toward financial wellness.

Matt Bahl, Vice President at Financial Health Network and a guest on the podcast, remarked I really see the power and opportunity to help organizations reframe how they think about their workforce, to really live into the statements they make about [their workforce] being the most important asset. To me, that really starts with understanding their financial lives… and then designing programs and solutions that meet those needs and challenges.

Tune in to SECURE presented by FinFit on Apple, Google or Spotify. View the first episode here.

About FinFit: FinFit was established in 2008 and currently services over 360,000 organizations across the United States. As the most comprehensive employee financial wellness solution in the Country, FinFit works to bridge the opportunity gap with equal access to services, products, and solutions to build financial stability today, and financial security tomorrow. Some of these services include personalized financial assessments, premier educational resources, online money management tools, financial coaching, financial solutions, early wage access, spending and savings accounts, student loan services, and a member rewards program. As an organization, FinFit focuses on creating positive, healthy financial behaviors and products to support long term financial wellness for all employees served.

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