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Providing financial wellness services to over 185,000+ US employers

Want to add FinFit to your employee benefits package?

Offer our holistic financial wellness program at a fraction of the cost of traditional benefits.

It was important for us as an organization to find the right financial wellness program to help decrease our employees’ stress levels and improve their overall financial well-being. FinFit provides a holistic financial wellness offering, and we are excited to support our employees with this essential benefit.

Geoff Gerks, SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer, G4S North America Region

Real Results from FinFit Clients

Improvement in Employee Retention

Increase in Employee Productivity

Reduction in 401(k) Borrowing

Significant bottom‑line cost savings for your organization

Financial well-being remains a top concern as employers aim to help employees reduce stress and increase financial security by better understanding and managing their finances. The team and solutions at FinFit are focused on helping organizations address this crucial issue.

Wendy Werve, CMO, Virgin Pulse

Employees enjoy less stress & increased financial health.

Paying Bills On Time 81%
Decreased Financial Stress 80%
Increased Monthly Savings 70%

Happier, healthier and more productive employees

In this extremely stressful time for both employers and employees, I cannot express how relieved I felt for our employees after implementing FinFit. Whatever financial help our employees seek will not compare to the wealth of resources your company will provide for them.

Dr. Eva R. Scott, DDS, Harborview Dental Associates

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