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Student Loan Debt: Restarting Payments Post-Pandemic & the 529 Solution 

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When the Supreme Court struck down the Biden administration’s Student Loan Debt forgiveness plan, it not only eliminated a potential $400 billion in student debt relief, it reset the clock for payments to resume in October 2023. Less than a year prior, the Biden plan announcement gave millions of Americans struggling with student loan payments momentary hope. 

The pandemic caused a temporary pause in repayments, but many individuals must grapple with the reality of restarting these payments amidst economic uncertainties in the upcoming months. A staggering $1.77 trillion in student loan debt underscores the magnitude of this issue.  

So, how can individuals navigate this impending financial challenge?  

In the latest SECURE podcast by FinFit, host Charles Lattimer explores the intricacies of student loan debt with Jeffrey Hull, CEO & Founder at SavvyFi.

Lattimer and Hull discuss the following:  

  • The current landscape of student loan repayments post-pandemic  
  • What is a 529 plan and its potential as a solution
  • The broader ecosystem of personal finances and the challenges faced by borrowers

Jeffrey Hull is not just the CEO & Founder of SavvyFi but also a passionate advocate for financial literacy and planning. His journey from being an MBA student to founding SavvyFi is rooted in his personal experiences with student debt and his desire to help others navigate the complexities of financial decisions. With a keen interest in behavioral science and economics, Hull’s insights offer a fresh perspective on the student loan crisis and potential solutions.