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The Intersections of Financial Wellness and Healthcare

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In recent years, the intersection of financial wellness and healthcare has become a pivotal topic of discussion, especially as the global workforce grapples with the aftermath of the pandemic. A study reveals that financial stress is the leading source of anxiety for the U.S. population, highlighting the urgency of addressing the intertwined challenges of economic and mental well-being. As the world shifts towards a new normal, understanding the deep-rooted connections between financial wellness and healthcare is essential for creating a resilient and prosperous future. 

So, how does one’s financial health impact their overall well-being, and what role does healthcare play in this intricate relationship? 

Welcome to season two of SECURE, presented by FinFit and hosted by Charles Lattimer. In this episode, Charles is joined by Matt Bahl, Vice President of Market Lead Workplace Financial Health at Financial Health Network, for his second appearance to examine the complexities of financial wellness and healthcare. Together, they aim to shed light on the vast landscape that intertwines these two critical areas of peoples’ lives. 

During this episode, Lattimer and Bahl discuss the following: 

  • The emergence of the workforce pushing back against traditional norms and redefining the employer-employee relationship in the post-pandemic era  
  • The intricate relationship between financial well-being, mental health, and the overall stability of the workforce 
  • The historical trends of wage stagnation and the rising costs of essential living components and their impact on financial and mental health 

Matt Bahl is the Vice President of Financial Health Network, a leading authority on financial health. He pursued a labor and employment lawyer career before transitioning to finance at Prudential Financial. At the Financial Health Network, Matt and his team focus on the workplace, understanding its pivotal role in shaping the financial lives of millions. With a passion for improving financial health for all, Matt’s personal experiences and extensive industry knowledge guide his insights.