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The Game of Life: Financial Trivia

Learning about finances may not be the most exciting pursuit in an employee’s day, but a little friendly competition has the power to motivate each member of your workforce to build their financial know-how, faster. FinFit’s weekly live financial trivia game, FinFit IQ, encourages employees to log in to their personalized FinFit dashboards and compete.

After all, the game of life is indeed, just a game.

Join In.

Studies show that gamification is both an incentivizing and gratifying way to galvanize employee participation in financial wellness.

How Does It Work?

Employees can log in to their personalized FinFit dashboard via desktop or the FinFit iOS or Android mobile app. Friendly competition among co-workers is encouraged, introducing new employees to the various resources available to them, at no-cost, with their FinFit benefit. Players take part in a short financial trivia game and answer a series of questions designed to increase their financial knowledge.

Each game consists of 12 multiple-choice trivia questions, and one practice question. As the game progresses, the questions become more challenging, but employees only have 20 seconds to answer. If an employee answers all the questions correctly, they’ll split the weekly prize money with all other employees that went 12 for 12.

FinFit IQ gives employees tips to get them thinking about their own financial health and guides them to resources within their FinFit dashboard based on their answers and level of knowledge.