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Learn how Investing in Employee Financial Health Pays Off with FinFit

Employee financial issues are costing American businesses half a billion dollars per year1.

Twenty five percent of employees report being distracted at work by financial issues with forty three percent of them spending three or more working hours dealing with their financial issues2.

Since implementing FinFit, we have received an extremely positive response from our employees. G4S employees have been asking for assistance with their current financial challenges, as well as educational resources to help them better plan for the future.

Thom McBride, Director, Employee Benefits,
G4S Secure Solutions(USA)


reported employees became more productive because of FinFit.


believe FinFit helps attract and retain good employees.


believe FinFit improved employee job satisfaction.


experienced a reduction in employee loan requests.

1 Businesses lose half a billion dollars a year due to employee financial stress »

2 2018 PWC Employee Financial Wellness Survey »