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Financial Wellness Expert and FinFit President Publishes eBook on Millennials in the Workplace

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. –(PRNewswire) — FinFit, a FinTech company that provides over 150,000 employers with a unique financial wellness benefit platform, today announced that its president David Kilby has published a new eBook on hiring, engaging, retaining and understanding the emerging millennial workforce. The eBook is now available at

Kilby, who is also the author of the book titled The New Productivity Engine: The compelling impact of financial wellness in the workplace, noted that “Millennials are the new core workforce. Their concept of work is different than the traditional. In this eBook, I break down this generation’s bold, new approach to work.”

The 13-page publication focuses on key topics that aim to help employers embrace and best cater to millennials. It covers go-to strategies for fostering the best millennial workplace, including: creating an environment of cutting-edge innovation; promoting equality; working for a cause; encouraging personal growth, skill, and career development.

The goal of putting these insights together is to help employers digest the fact that millennials are a great asset to organizations. It is of utmost importance that companies reassess traditional concepts to bring out the best of the unique millennial personality. For some employers, this means the concept of the ‘work environment and process’ must change.

David Kilby | President of FinFit

Kilby’s expertise in this area comes from decades of working closely with Human Resources and Benefits professionals as president of FinFit, as well as being a partner and thought leader in the Financial Health Network.

About FinFit:
Founded in 2008, FinFit has grown to be the nation’s largest holistic financial wellness benefit platform that has transformed thousands of lives, servicing over 150,000 clients. FinFit provides a self-directed online experience that helps employees improve their financial well-being and become financially stable. Through personalized financial assessments, premier educational resources and one-on-one financial coaching, employees are motivated to increase their financial knowledge and change their behavior to better manage their finances. FinFit helps to eliminate stress in the workplace by providing sensible financial solutions like early wage access, student loan services and consumer loans made by Celtic Bank, Member FDIC, that empower employees to tackle financial challenges. FinFit is a powerful way for employers to attract and retain talent by helping employees get focused, get healthy and become more productive.

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