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FinFit and PrismHR Elevate Holistic Financial Wellness at PrismHR LIVE

FinFit and PrismHR Elevate Holistic Financial Wellness at PrismHR LIVE

BOSTON, Ma.–(PRWEB)– FinFit, a FinTech company that provides over 150,000 employers with a unique financial wellness benefit platform, partners with PrismHR, the leading software for HR Service Providers, to improve employees’ financial well-being. Since partnering with PrismHR, FinFit has significantly enhanced their financial wellness solution. The FinFit team will be at PrismHR LIVE 2019 in Boston this week and will provide a live demo of the company’s financial wellness program in booth #17.

FinFit is the only national provider that offers a holistic financial wellness program that offers three powerful solutions within a single platform: financial education, early wage access for short-term needs, as well as credit and banking resources for longer-term challenges.

FinFit’s end to end integration with the PrismHR platform means that there is no administrative overhead for the PEO to offer the program. Once setup is complete, employees access FinFit via single sign on from PrismHR.

Financial challenges are inevitable. It’s our job to help employees manage and solve their unique challenges to alleviate stress, educate and guide them down a sustainable path, and provide opportunities for financial freedom. Our goal is to help every employee, and we’re proud to offer a multitude of solutions that can be tailored to individuals. An employee’s solution should be as unique as their personality. PrismHR understands the need, and we work closely with them to deliver a successful program for their employers and employees.

David Kilby | President of FinFit

FinFit’s financial wellness platform includes personalized financial assessments, online education tools and resources, student loan services, an early wage access solution, game-based education, budgeting apps, as well as credit and banking resources to assist the 75 percent of Americans who do not have enough money saved for unexpected expenses.

FinFit’s financial solutions are truly unique, offering employees multiple products through a decision tree that provides guidance on the most appropriate and effective solution for their personal situation. When employees can compare options, they are less likely to overextend themselves and they can make smarter, more informed decisions based on their current need. FinFit also offers a prepaid Visa® card that can be utilized for direct deposit, same-day funding and online bill pay.

About FinFit:
Founded in 2008, FinFit has grown to be one of the nation’s largest financial wellness benefits servicing over 150,000 clients. FinFit provides a self-directed online experience that helps employees measure their financial well-being and provides engaging educational resources and tools to increase their financial knowledge and drive results. FinFit helps to eliminate stress in the workplace by providing real-time solutions that offer real-world help when it is needed most. FinFit is a powerful way for employers to attract and retain talent by helping employees get focused, get healthy and become more productive.