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Your Employees Matter: A FinFit Member Spotlight

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Your Employees Matter: A FinFit Member Spotlight

Our mission is to help individuals accomplish their financial goals and position them for success. When members share with us that we’ve made their lives easier and better, we have achieved what we set out to do. We are passionate about helping employees improve their financial health. 

In this member spotlight, we celebrate Lillian’s success. She has been a FinFit member since December 2018 and is employed with G4S.

One of the keys to G4S’ continued success is their focus on giving their employees the tools and resources to thrive. Building and maintaining a successful company requires investing in your team and culture. It is our job as organizational leaders to help employees overcome these financial struggles by giving them access to resources and solutions to empower them to establish financial stability. In the absence of solutions, employees will continue to suffer (and so will our organizations).


Since implementing FinFit, we have received an extremely positive response
from our employees. G4S employees have been asking for assistance with
their current financial challenges, as well as educational resources to help
them better plan for the future.

-Thom McBride | Director, Employee Benefits

The cost of not investing in the financial well-being of your employees? Loss of focus, productivity, and higher turnover. 

Lillian was experiencing some financial challenges. The G4S human resources department made her aware of FinFit, their employee financial wellness benefit offered at no cost to employees. 

The FinFit platform is designed to support employees as they navigate their personal journey towards financial wellness. Lillian started by taking her personal financial health assessment. With a better understanding of her current state of financial health, she felt more in control of her decisions and her ability to change course. Many times, lack of financial confidence stems from lack of awareness, and with this new insight Lillian felt empowered to take steps to improve her financial well-being.

With a step-by-step action plan and the FinFit budgeting tools, she became equipped with the tools and knowledge she needed to make positive behavioral changes. The FinFit team was by her side during the entire process to answer any questions she had and help her understand the resources she had access to.


I would like to thank the FinFit organization for helping me regain my financial independence and restoring my peace of mind. FinFit has given me the ability to pay my bills on time, improve my credit score greatly and I don’t have to worry about not being able to take care of my family. My self-confidence has greatly improved since using the FinFit app to manage a better budget and using the FinFit Dashboard. My family has noticed that my work attendance has greatly improved right alongside my overall health due to not becoming stressed and overwhelmed by not meeting my financial obligations. I have recommended FinFit to my family members, friends and co-workers. Your company is truly wonderful! Thank you again for all that you have done to help myself and my family!


It is an emotional process for employees to take positive, meaningful steps to improve their finances. Lillian’s situation is not unlike countless individuals living paycheck to paycheck, struggling to find the balance to achieve their financial obligations while planning for the future. The difference is: Lillian has FinFit. Employees want to know that they are cared for and that their goals matter. Be an employer like G4S that cares about their employees’ health and well-being. Offer FinFit.