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FinFit Announces Partnership with Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation

FinFit Announces Partnership with Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Multi-National Food Company Utilizing FinFit’s Financial Wellness Platform to Improve Employee Financial Wellbeing

FinFit, a FinTech company that provides over 125,000 employers with a unique financial wellness benefit platform, today announced a partnership with Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation (PPC), a leading global provider of fresh and value-added poultry and prepared foods. FinFit’s innovative platform is now available to Pilgrim’s U.S.-based employees, providing them with a suite of tools and resources to improve their financial wellness, which is proven to increase employee productivity.

FinFit and Pilgrim’s rolled out the program to the initial Pilgrim’s locations in August 2018, and the member penetration rate was outstanding. Twenty-two percent of Pilgrim’s employees have already enrolled in the program and are taking steps towards improving their financial well-being. More than 60% of the Pilgrim’s employee base that have become members have taken FinFit’s proprietary personalized financial assessment. Pilgrim’s is on track to have more than 50% enrollment in the first nine months, nearly double typical enrollment levels.

Employees at every company experience the stress and concerns that come with personal finance issues, said David Kilby, President of FinFit and author of The New Productivity Engine: The compelling impact of financial wellness in the workplace. We are excited to see the early results of our recent work with Pilgrim’s, whose hard-working employees have displayed a tremendous response to our educational offerings. We’re very excited to help employees reduce their stress levels and maintain a happier, healthier mindset.

As a comprehensive financial wellness program, FinFit offers unique, easy to use personal finance tools that are tailored to each employee. The tools include personalized financial assessments for each employee, online education tools and credit resources, student loan assistance, game-based education and budgeting apps, and real-world financial solutions to assist those who do not have enough savings to afford an emergency cost.

Our partnership with FinFit is already producing results and empowering our team members to take better control of their financial future, said Lisa Burdick, Head of Human Resources, Pilgrim’s USA. This innovative tool will create opportunities for our team members to set a course for future financial success for themselves and their families.

FinFit provides a complete solution for companies nationwide in order to help their employees become more financially stable and increase workplace productivity. FinFit helps to eliminate the stress caused by personal financial challenges and provides a path to realistic solutions.

About FinFit:
Founded in 2008, FinFit has grown to be one of the nation’s largest financial wellness benefits servicing over 125,000 clients. FinFit provides a self-directed online experience that lets employees measure their financial fitness and provides fun, education resources and tools to increase their financial knowledge and drive results. FinFit helps to eliminate stress in the workplace by providing real-time solutions that offer real-world help when it is needed most. FinFit is a powerful way for employers to attract and retain talent by helping employees get focused, get healthy and become more productive.

About Pilgrim’s Pride:
Pilgrim’s employs approximately 51,300 people and operates chicken processing plants and prepared-foods facilities in 14 states, Puerto Rico, Mexico, the U.K., and continental Europe. The Company’s primary distribution is through retailers and foodservice distributors. For more information, please visit