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Every employee deserves a financial safety net.

Empower workers to set up and fund a safety net, leading to improved financial health and protection from financial precarity. FinFit’s SafetyNet can help an employee no matter where they are in their financial journey.

Emergency savings

Employees can save automatically, directly from their paycheck.

Emergency credit

Employees can access funds at any time to cover unexpected expenses or make ends meet.

Debt consolidation loan

Employees can pay down debt at lower rates or avoid alternatives like 401(k) loans or high-cost payday loans.
The FinFit platform also includes financial literacy tools and access to coaching so employees can build a solid financial foundation.

Real results from FinFit clients

Improvement in Employee Retention

Increase in Employee Productivity

Reduction in 401(k) Borrowing

Significant bottom‑line cost savings for your organization

Learn how you can offer FinFit’s SafetyNet to your employees by requesting a demo today: