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You’ve Already Earned the Money. You Can Get it Today with WageNow

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You’ve Already Earned the Money. You Can Get it Today with WageNow

Take this situation. You’re working and you’ve earned the money. You need it now. But the timing is off. You can’t get it until payday. And that’s four days away.

Sound familiar? Sure, we’ve all been there – waiting for payday. Someone should write a song about it.

Now there’s a solution. It’s called FinFit WageNow, and it works like this.

How Employees Can Get Money Now

Employees at companies offering FinFit financial wellness employee benefit programs can receive their paycheck as often as they want. If you worked yesterday and want to be paid today, you can do that. Funds are deposited in the employee’s bank account.

WageNow is not a loan – it’s a way to access wages already earned. Where a loan might take several months to repay, WageNow is simply receiving a paycheck earlier than scheduled.

Here are two people who used WageNow, and how it worked for them.

Sandie’s Story

A single mother to two teenage boys, Sandie is an executive assistant to a corporate attorney. She manages her money well, owns a small home in the suburbs, drives a minivan (the boys are into soccer, so she needs a “team vehicle”) and has a good credit score. Because she is paid every two calendar weeks, her mortgage payment, due on the first of the month, and her payday sometimes don’t line up.

Usually she can budget for it. But her oldest son, Brad, was promoted to a more advanced league which meant new soccer uniform and cleats, as well as additional club fees. She had already earned the money, she had budgeted for it, and it’s coming in her next paycheck. But the timing was bad.

Fortunately, Sandie’s benefit package at work included FinFit Financial Wellness. She had signed up immediately and enrolled in the WageNow feature. Online, at home, she completed a WageNow request for $500. The next day the funds were in her bank account. She wrote a check to Brad’s soccer club, paid the mortgage online, and relaxed. Life is just a matter of timing.

Louis’ Story

As a former small business owner, Louis understood cash flow all too well. A customer has been billed but hasn’t paid yet. The business needs the money now but can’t get it.

Weary of the stress, Louis had closed his business and taken a job as a fulfillment warehouse manager for a national retailer – and found that cash flow problems never take a holiday. He pays monthly alimony and child support to his ex and their three children, who live with her. This month there are two birthdays, his car loan and rent that are all coming due on Tuesday.

Louis makes good money and can afford it, but the payouts and the paydays were not lining up. When he went to work at the warehouse, he had joined a FinFit employee benefit program that offered WageNow. It’s a way to help manage cash flow – to get the money he’s already earned when needed. He submitted a request online and the deposit soon showed up in his bank account.

Car payment and rent are on time, birthday gifts are bought, and Louis meets his obligations on Tuesday. “Life is really all about managing cash flow,” he thinks.

Many Needs. One Solution.

As these stories illustrate, there are many times when paydays and payment days don’t line up. People often need the money today, and payday is a week away. If you’ve already earned the money, there is a way to get it now.

“FinFit is the largest and only financial wellness platform that combines all key elements of a comprehensive wellness offering, which includes assessment, development, motivation and solutions. WageNow extends the platform offerings to empower our members on their path to financial wellness. PrismHR has once again demonstrated their position as a leader in the marketplace, innovating on behalf of PrismHR customers, their clients and their employees to create value. FinFit looks forward to working with Tim Pratte and the PrismHR team,” says David Kilby, President of FinFit.

With today’s technology, there is no limit to when and how employees can get paid. WageNow provides an immediate solution.

WageNow is just one of a growing number of financial wellness solutions from FinFit.
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